Best products


Best products

The highest quality of PCBK group products is confirmed by the All-Russia Quality Organization.

Our company

PCBK GROUP OF ENTERPRISES: 55 years of successful operation.

State-of-the-art technologies

Corrugated board production facilities are among the best in Russia as concerns the modernity of equipment and the qualification of employees.

Solidary community

Team of professionals, focused on development and inspired by a common goal, is the cornerstone of our success.

Join us to succeed!

«PERM PULP AND PAPER COMPANY» group of enterprises

production site №1: 1 Bumazhnikov str., Perm, Russia, 614037
production site №2: Corrugated production, 11 Brodovskiy trakt, Perm, Russia, 614025

Roll products sales department:
Ph.: +7 (342) 263-89-41
e-mail: Rolevaya@pcbk.perm.ru

Corrugated products sales department:
Ph.: +7 (342) 235-77-44
e-mail: os@pcbk.perm.ru

Supplies department:

+7 (342) 263-90-42, 263-95-62, 263-91-17

e-mail: zakupki@pcbk.perm.ru

Personnel department:
Ph.: +7 (342) 263-94-78, 294-31-53
e-mail: personal@pcbk.perm.ru